Zig Zag Courant

ZigZagCity is an annual architecture festival in Rotterdam. As part of the 2017 program the team behind Flaneur Magazine were invited to run a two-day workshop based in Zuidplein. The aim was to produce a newspaper, the ZigZagCourant (above) with a team of 15 contributors chosen through an open call. I was one of the lucky 15.

Zuidplein is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the Netherlands, and it was here that content was generated for the paper. We hit the streets in search of material, following leads and considering the location and the people who use it. The result was an eight page paper printed overnight and collated and distributed the following morning in our makeshift editorial office at the tropical themed bar de Gastronoom located underneath the mall and in the middle of a busy bus hub.

Zuidplein June 2017