Who is Happy?

So fluctuating is the state of happiness that we are never there for long. It changes through the course of a day, perhaps even an hour. It’s a state we work to attain, but is it really a wise goal? And is it a somewhat selfish aim? The images in this series were chosen for a group exhibition in Paris with the aim of bringing a snippet of Australia to the city.

Each image is in itself a short story: a man laughing maniacally with a bag of cash on a busy subway system in rush hour; the broken promise of a utopian suburb standing derelict; or the return to a confused state of being in a wealthy pocket of a Sydney district. The only link, a wandering being armed with a camera.

Who is happy? 2006
Six pigment prints
Dimensions variable
Ensembles (II)
Cité International des Arts, Paris
February to March 2006