Too Much Chicken on Your Hands

Too Much Chicken On Your Hands is an hour long fly-on-the-wall look at my family’s typical Christmas. It depicts Christmas breakfast, a time when we all gather around the dining table to begin scratching off our instant lottery tickets. Each year, not long after the final belches of Christmas dinner have been released, my mother begins her year long ritual of buying Instant Lottery tickets for the following year’s Christmas. Each week for the entire year mum buys one ticket for each family member to hand out the following Christmas in a stash that keeps us all scratching for hours.

Mum’s wish for one of us to win big has yet to realised, but there’s always hope. Unplanned, the video begins with my father answering a telephone call, one that was to be a wrong number. We all laughed and tucked into our our bbq chicken wings washed down with a spumante (Miranda) and orange juice (not fresh) while listening to Racey. Altogether now: “Come on baby lay your love on me, ooh baby let your love go free now…”

Too Much Chicken on Your Hands, 2007
Video, scratchies, trophies and furniture
Installation view, dimensions variable
He Said She Said, 2007
Kudos Gallery, Sydney