That’s Just a Nun with a Bag of Oranges

That’s Just a Nun With a Bag of Oranges refers to the absurdity of life and the search for meaning within it as we meander along. Through the use of multiple images and varied experiences, the Wunderwall is peppered with references, some potent, others inane and some to be taken with a grain of salt. Juxtaposition plays a role in discussing ideas and themes with the idea that the work as a whole forms a contemplative environment. The title of this Wunderwall, like previous titles, verges on the absurd and non-sensical. It derives from my first ever visit to Turku in the Summer of 2012. On a walk through the city I asked fellow artist Peter Mclean—who I had just undertaken a residency with in nearby Fiskars Village—a question, a question that I really can’t remember anymore. The answer of course was That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges. And hence, the title of this Wunderwall.

My aim is to unravel meaning from contemporary existence. Extracted from a digital archive in excess of 270,000 images, the focus is on the barely registered: wan Band-aids, filmy oil splotches, slumped mattresses, discarded televisions, limp plastic bags and lost underwear to name just a few sets gathered within. Scattered throughout are moments of fleeting beauty, poignant messages via grafitti and a sense that waste reigns supreme. My work considers the signifcance of collections (photographic)and what they infer about the choices we make and the impacts we have on the planet. The images not only depict the detritus of consumerism, but also longing. Similarities and differences are highlighted, the value we place on resources and products, and the interactions we have with each other on the street, the watching, flirting and ignoring ponder contemporary western living.

Installation view:
That’s Just a Nun with a Bag of Oranges, 2014
1,300 images, each 20 x 15 cm
15.2 x 2.9 metres (height x width)
Peri Photographic Centre, Turku, Finland
8-30 August 2014

Article in the Turku Sanomat

That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges was featured in the Turku Sanomat, the city’s newspaper on the 12th of August 2014. Titled Seas of the world are a photographer’s concern, the article focused on the environmental message contained in the work.