Midweek Social II

Midweek Social is an ongoing series of complex, multi-layered major audience participatory events involving collecting, performance, photography and video installation, games, competitions and other play opportunities. Informed by happenings and traditional Australian get-togethers, Midweek Social is interested in how people interact with each other when given certain situations to play in, but more importantly it’s about enjoyment.

The Performance Space outing for Midweek Social was part of the 2010 Liveworks programme. Midweek Social featured a cabaret performance called Burlesque Assassin by The Knife Waltz  featuring Nikki Nouveau, a photo booth by John & Joy, a selection of props, a glittering surveillance installation, a prize table from which winners of various board games could choose from, an intergalactic slide show, disco music, fortune teller Paris Debono with a hair and make-up artist on hand to jazz everyone up. Proceedings were kept in motion by MC Robbie McGregor.

Midweek Social, 2010
Live performance, surveillance installation, board games, photo booth
Dimensions variable
P4 Pilot funding through Performance Space
PICA and the Australia Council
Clementine Barnes, Katrina Jamison-Toy, Peter McLean, Sarah Mosca and Sebastian Toy

Photobooth Portraits

With John & Joy at the helm, the Midweek Social Photobooth created peachy portraits of punters. Styling help was at hand with a hair and make-up artist and an array of props. Free prints were made available and given away to the models.