Libidinal Cement

There was a time when underwear was concealed, revealed only in private. I can’t remember why I was initially attracted to images of underwear in magazines. It could have been at the point that I noticed the overwhelming number of near-naked torsos or when the various collections grew: pink, white and those featuring American flags in particular, the focus of these three panels. The collections began in the 1990s when I was making collages and working on Cosmopolitan magazine, a purveyor of such imagery.

Provocative, yet commonplace, the gathered images focus on perfect bodies and lustful intentions made normal by the likes of Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. They prey on our insecurities, yet give us hope that by donning these briefs we’ll too be attracting the man/woman, or both, of our dreams.

Libidinal Cement, 2007
Magazine tear outs behind
acrylic laser-cut peepholes
Diameter: 120 cm
Loose Projects, Sydney
April – May 2007