Collected from opportunity shops (charity stores), the characters depicted are cheap versions of more expensive figurines. It’s likely these mass-produced statuettes were originally available in $1 shops and the like, picked up for a bargain by a budding collector. Here they reveal years of deposited dust and grime from standing on shelves where they have laid dormant for years. The objects themselves have rolled off a production line.

Their purpose purely decorative, and for the masses themselves to own. The figures depict characters with idyllic lifestyles. A young girl with a duck, a woman with carrots and an old man staring into the distance. Rural stereotypes. The workers and the estate owners, all have the same lifeless look. Like us they’ve aged, and with age they’ve developed unique character.

Bucolia, 2007
Pigment prints
20 x 25 cm each
National Art School, Sydney, 2007