What I do

Quotidian by nature, I use photography, installation, drawing and collecting to map experience. I take a granular approach: my eye focuses on mundane activities, on traces of human inhabitance, on fleeting moments in the daily commute. I shoot, take notes, observe, draw, listen and make use of online platforms to create specific blogs for projects, teaching and work.

Photography, installation and a slightly obsessional gathering process are at the heart of my art practice. They often combine to form large-scale audience participatory works investigating consumption, futility, pleasure and the power of overload. I work with a variety of media including drawing, installation, print and web.


I’ve always been a walker. It’s my meditation, of sorts. It switches me on. This on-ness relaxes me as I gather images, sometimes at a furious pace, depicting the place I’m in. I wander city streets and rural paths with vim and vigour. I’m looking for traces, for marks left behind by people, for the things we no longer want, whose usefulness has waned. I’m looking for that that is outdated, used, perhaps abused. Walking takes me past places I like to frequent: op shops, art galleries and places to fuel up.


Op shops offer the chance of finding second-hand magazines, another lifelong passion, some might say obsession, of mine. Magazines are another rich source of imagery, perfect photographs that speak of temporary fascinations and human desires. Infinite and yet mono, beautiful but ugly in their inference and manipulation; buy, own, get it. It’s you. Advertising.